Refused before

Have you been refused before for a mortgage or second charge mortgage loan?

There are many reasons why a mortgage lender or loan provider might have refused your application. Lenders have very different criteria and if you have been refused before you may need an expert mortgage adviser to help you.

Some of the most common reasons for being refused include how much you earn and the source of your income. If you are self-employed, paid by commission, earn overtime or work on contract, some lenders will not take this income into account.

You may have only been employed or self-employed for a relatively short period of time or have income that a lender will not take into account.

It may be that you have missed payments on current loans or credit cards, have CCJ’s and/or defaults registered against you and have what some people refer to as bad credit, adverse credit or poor credit. It may be as simple as you not being registered on the electoral roll.

Whatever the reason you have been refused before The Select Partnership could help you get the mortgage or second charge mortgage loan you need.

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