Credit Repair

You can contact obtain a copy of your credit file from any of the agencies below by using the links:

Noddle –

Equifax –

Experian –

Sometimes incorrect entries can be recorded against you with the credit reference agencies which lenders refer to when they check your credit history. Any errors or incorrect information can make it more difficult to obtain credit.

Where this is the case it is possible to write to the company concerned in order to have your record corrected. You should write to ‘The Data Control Officer’ at the relevant company and you can obtain the company address details at

Ideally you should enclose a copy of the relevant section of your credit file showing the incorrect entry and provide evidence to support your request.

You should be able to do this without the help of an expert however, if you wish, you can instruct us to do this on your behalf as part of a mortgage application. We may charge £49 per hour for this.

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